Round 4 Results

BLiga Round 4


Pearlers FC-2 Draw Racing G-2

Meatworks FC-4 Def Broome City-2


Pearlers FC-1 Racing G-0

Broome City-3 Meatworks-1

Women’s Goal Scorers Team R4
Tiffany Carr Pearlers 1
Rosie Portbury Racing G 1
Monica Sullivan Meatworks 3
Leah Malkovic Pearlers 1
Monica Edgar Broome City 1
Zoe Mephcar Racing G 1
Emma Reeves Meatworks 1
Sinead Snow Broome City 1


Women’s Fairest and Best Team R4
Tiffany Carr Pearlers 3
Rosie Portbury Racing G 2
Skye Jamieson Broome City 3
Monica Sullivan Meatworks 1
Karen Salkild Broome City 2
Laurie Achille Pearlers 1


Men’s Goals Scorers Team R4
Sean Minouge Pearlers FC 1
Raph Michael Broome City 1
Alex Broome City 1
Curtis Broome City 1
Gareth McKnight Meatworks 1

Gareth McKnight

Men’s Fairest and Best Team R4
Daniel Sajun Racing G 3
Marty Padmos Broome City 2
Curtis Broome City 3
Sean Minouge Pearlers 2
Matt Jarvie Meatworks 1
Noah White Racing G 1