Referees required for BLiga 2016

The BSA requires refs for the 2016 comp.

Accredited Refs get paid!
If you’re interested (or for more info) , contact or pop down on Wednesday evenings @ BRAC Ovals.

Please don’t do this.



Rd 8 Results

2015 B liga

Rd 8 Women’s Results

Meatworks-3 def Broome City-0 (forfeit)

Pearlers-3 def Racing G-1


Rd 8 Men’s Results

Broome City-6 def Meatworks-3

Pearlers-3 def Racing G-1


Round 7 Results

Racing G's Noah and Fortune tangle tangle with Broome City's Will.

Racing G’s Noah and Fortune  tangle with Broome City player Helmüt.

Round 7 results for both Men’s and Women’s grades: