Men’s BLiga

Table (as of 13th October)

 1. Pearlers  8  0  1 25  5  24
2. Meatworks  6  0  3  26  8 18
 3. Racing G  3  0  5 17  29  9
 4. Broome City  0  0  8  6  28  0

*Racing G and Broome City have a game in hand

GD is about right but amount scored/conceded incorrect for MW & Prls - Info from 1 match card (pearlers beat MW) still needs to be added.

August 2 - 6.15pm

Broome City 0 v Meatworks 4

Goals: Will Nolan, Jeren Sevenpiper, Ian Tyrell, Dee Phonsuk

Fairest and best: 3pts Tremayne T, 2pts Will Nolan, 1pts Andrew Graffen

August 2 - 7.45pm

Pearlers 2 v Racing G 1

Goals: Steve Snelson (p), Simon White (p), Wylie Scott (rg).

Fairest and best: 3pts Ben Conneally, 2pts JJ, 1pt Wylie Scott

Bookings: Matt Mcguire 

August 9 - 6.15pm

Broome City 2 v Racing G 4

Goals: W Scott x 3, A Beuke, Nathaniel, D Thorne

Fairest and Best: 3pts Anthony, 2pts W Scott, 1pt J Zahl

August 9 - 7.45pm

Pearlers 0 v Meatworks 1

Goals: Tremayne Tigulu

Fairest and best: 3 Adrian C (MW), 2 Tremayne Tigulu (MW), James M "Canada" (Plrs)

Bookings: Ryan Mitchell (Prls), Craig Davey (Prls), Ashley Benfield (Prls)

August 16 - 6.15pm

Meatworks 1 v Racing G 0

Goals:  Adrian C (MW)

Fairest and best: 3pts Michael Dawson (MW), 2pts Alex Beuke (RG), 1pts Adrian C (MW)

Bookings: Andrew Close (MW)

August 16 - 7.45pm

Broome City 0 v Pearlers 1

Goals: I McKenzie

Fairest and best: 3pts M Paulo, 2pts A French, 1pt R Mitchell


August 23 - 6.15pm

Pearlers 7 v Racing G 0

Goals: Ben Coneally, Joseph Chiteta, Corey McElroy, Steve Snelson, Ryan mitchell, Ash Baufield x 2

Fairest and best: 3pts Ash B (PL), 2pts Wylie Scott (RG), 1pt Steve Snelson (PL)

August 23 - 7.15pm

Broome City 1 v Meatworks 6

Goals: Tom H (BC), Cheyne Cream x 2, Will Nolan, Tremayne Tigulu, Paul Harrison, OG - Don (BC) for MW.

Fairest and best: 3pts Cheyne Cream (MW), 2pts Tom P (BC), 1pts Ian Tyrell (MW)

Bookings: Tom P (Y)

August 30 - 6.15pm

Broome City 1 v Racing G 4

Goals:  Tom P (BC), Lachie Bonner (RG), Sam Lynch (RG), Jack Willycock (RG),  Wylie Scott (RG)

Fairest and best: 3pts Wylie Scott (RG), 2pts Darcy Thorn (RG), 1pts Sam Lynch (RG)

Bookings: Tom P (BC) YELLOW

August 30 - 7.45pm

Meatworks 0 v Pearlers 1

Goals:  Ryan Mitchell 

Fairest and best: 3pts Ben C (PL), 2pts Dan Rigg (MW), 1pt Patrick DeBelgium (PL)


Sept 6th - 6.15pm

Pearlers 2 v Broome City FC 0

Goals:  W Chitez, S Snelson

Fairest and best: 3pts Patrick Belgium, 2pts Jack BC, 1pt Ben Conneally


Sept 6th - 7.45pm

Racing G 2 v FC Meatworks 5

Goals:   T Tigulu, C Cream 2, P Harrison, D Rigg, K Bell, Aum,

Fairest and best: 3pts C Cream, 2pts A Beuke, 1pt A Graffen


Sept 13th - 6.15pm

FC Meatworks 5 v Broome City 1

Goals:  P Harrison, J Sevenpiper, D Pensuk, T Tigulu x2, B Stainton

Fairest and best: 3pts. D Rigg 2pts. T Tigulu 1pt. C Cream


Sept 13 - 7.45pm

Racing G 2 v Pearlers 9

Goals:   S White, B Coneally, R Mitchell, W Chitez 3, L Scanlon, JJ, P Belguim, L Bonner, W Scott

Fairest and best:  3pts. Patrick Belgium, 2pts. Ben Coneally, 1pt W Chitez


Sept 20 - 6.15pm

Pearlers (W) v FC Meatworks (L)

Goals:  Pending Match card

Fairest and best: 


Sept 20th - 7.45pm

Racing G v Broome City (postponed)


Fairest and best: 


2 Weeks break

school holidays

Oct 11th - 6.15pm

Racing G 4 v FC Meatworks 3

Goals:  I Tyrrell, P Harrison, B Broadbent, L Bonner 2, W Scott , S Williamson

Fairest and best: 3pts. W Scott 2pts. I Tyrrell 1pts. L Bonner


Oct 11th - 7.45pm

7.45pm Pearlers 2 v Broome City FC 1

Goals: B Stainton, I McKenzie, S Snelson

Fairest and best:  3pts J Canada, 2pts d Thorne, 1pt B Kenny

Bookings: L Scanlon (Y), M McGuire (Y), Jack Mi (2xY=R)

Upcoming Fixtures


Oct 18 - 6.15pm

Racing G v Pearlers


Fairest and best: 


Oct 18 - 7.45pm

FC Meatworks v Broome City


Fairest and best: 


Oct 25th - 6.15pm

Pearlers v FC Meatworks


Fairest and best: 


Oct 25th - 7.45pm

Racing G v Broome City


Fairest and best: 


Nov 1st - 6.15pm

Pearlers v Broome City FC


Fairest and best: 


Nov 1st - 7.45pm

Meatworks v Racing G


Fairest and best: 


BLiga Info

BLiga 2017


No player is eligible to play in a match for competition points without registering. Registration is completed here:



League format

Kick off for fixtures will be 6.15pm and 7.45 pm. Teams need to be ready to kick off AT THIS TIME. Sides need a minimum of 7 players to begin a game. If a side does not have 7 players ready to go at kick off time a forfeit may occur. If neither side is ready, game time will be reduced and points penalties may occur. The first game will finish by 7.40 at the latest.

Game times will consist of 2 x 35minute halves. The game will be played as per FIFA’s laws of the game with some minor amendments such as interchange.

Each team will play each other 4 times during the course of the season. The team finishing top of the league at the end of the final round will be deemed the Champions. In the result of a points tie, goal difference will decide the champion, followed by the most goals scored, followed by the best head to head record*.

*If teams still can’t be separated the league title will go to Liverpool, as they haven’t won one in decades.

Match Cards will be posted to the BSA website as means of recording results. Please ensure they are filled out with full players names and each player participating. Other sides will scrutinise your card.

A two week knock out cup competition will close the season. A random draw will dictate the opening fixtures and the winner of each will go into the final. If results are tied at the end of the game, injury time will be played and if the scores are still tied, then penalties will decide the winner. Winners are grinners and get a medal at the awards night.

The Men’s pitch is marked at across the field at the airport end. PLEASE NOTE: The penalty box is 2 metres longer than regulation. This was marked in such a manner with consideration for one of human beings closest friends; the touch player. Their markings would get cluttered if we didn't add the 2m.

The ladies pitches are the two closest to the carpark.

Red Cards/ Yellow Cards

A straight red card means a minimum 2 weeks. A red from two yellows a minimum of 1.

3 yellows within a consecutive 4 game period will result in 1 weeks suspension.

Game night.

Team sheet must be completed and provided to the referee five minutes prior to kick off (6.10pm for early game and 7.35pm for the late game.

Shin pads are compulsory.

Each team from the early fixture is required to set up a goal, corner flags and yellow halfway posts (yellows are placed 1m back from halfway line). Posts are in the under side compartment of the trailer.

Teams involved in the late fixture are required to pack away. Each goal needs to be placed off the grassed areas when packing up, and locked to the post USING THE BSA LOCK. The BSA lock is marked with “THE BSA ONE”.

Each goal cost $2,000+. Ease them to the ground, don’t drop them.


Fairest and Best and Leading Goal Scorer (golden boot) are awarded at the end of the season. If match cards are not completed clearly, players may miss out on points or having goals accredited. Each team nominates a cub champion. It should not be awarded to dickheads.


Each team must nominate a captain, and vice captain. These captains are responsible for passing on information to the team, and can provide feedback on the competition from teammates.

A group consisting of captains, referees and the competition coordinator will ensure the competition runs smoothly and everyone is aware of what is happening.

Email correspondence is the preferred means of official communication.


Our referees are qualified, but not professional. Just remember they may make mistakes - but they will likely make less than the players.

Each team must appoint a referee’s assistant to officiate in the game either following or prior to their fixture.

Senior players need to take responsibility to run the line. Under 18 players are to be used in this role as a last resort only.

Should a team fail to provide a referee’s assistant or put forward a player that is not deemed competent by the referee they can be docked 3pts.

First Aid

First aid equipment stored in the trailer

A debrilator is in the Medlend Pavilion (change room building) and at the BRAC reception.

If you have current first aid training please let it be known.


The BSA is always keen to hear from people who can help keep the competition running smoothly. Let us know if you wish to help.


We are always keen to hear from sponsors. If you have a business or are part of an organization that may be able to assist financially, please speak to one of the committee members.